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Useful Links for DNA-based nanotechnology

The 2d/3d DNA Origami Design software caDNAno was written by Shawn Douglas

The CanDO webserver by Mark Bathe analyses caDNAno files to predict solution shape and stresses

Hyther: Determines melting temperatures of DNA strands using SantaLucia data - registered users only
Nupack : Thermodyamnic analysis of interacting oligonucleotide strands

An incomplete list of other groups doing DNA nanotechnology, in no particular order:

Ned Seeman at NYU Link
Erik Winfree at Caltech Link
Paul Rothemund at Caltech Link
Milan Stojanovic at Columbia Med Link
Hao Yan at ASU Link
Chengde Mao at Purdue Link
Andrew J. Turberfield at Oxford Link
William Shih at Harvard Link
Peng Yin at Harvard Link
Niles Pierce at Caltech Link
Akinori Kuzuya at Kansai Link
Andy Ellington at UT Austin Link
Yamuna Krishnan at NCBS Link
Thom LaBean at NCSU Link
Chris Dwyer at Duke Link
Fritz Simmel at LMU Link
Hendrik Dietz at TUM Link
Tim Liedl at LMU Link
Kurt Gothelf at Aarhus Link
Bjorn Högberg at Karolinska Link
Shawn Douglas at UCSF Link
Chenxiang Lin at Yale Link
Baoqan Ding at NCNST Link
Ebbe Anderson at Aarhus Link
Dave Zhang at Rice Link
Georg Seelig at UW Link
Rebecca Schulman at Johns Hopkins Link
Carlos Castro at OSU Link
Yonggang Ke at GATECH/Emory Link