LukemanLab - St. John's University Chemistry - Science






Philip S Lukeman

Student members

Jeremy Mendez

Rocio Moron

Phuong Le

Angela Tran

Former members: St. John's University

Kate Fyodorova

Natalie Williams

Tammy Afif

Christopher Chen

Alex Ng

Carlotta Paone

Muaz Sadeia

Alison Preston

Kate Selivanovitch

Sydney Snaider

Eugene Fong

Michael Huaman

Moorsalin Munshi

Richard Hsu

John Petrofsky

Matthew Avant

Morcos Hanna

Keshia Pitt

Former members: Cal Poly Pomona

Adam Loukeh

Terry Huang

Paul Chung

Allen Mok

Nancy Kedzierski

Lisa Mousselli

Meagan Brittney J Parker

Jonathan E Perez

Vikram T Savani

Soh Lit Ming

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